At a young age, I grew up watching sports and being active in the neighborhood. I participated in the football and track & field programs. My fitness journey wasn’t only limited to sports. In high school I joined a health program, HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America ), where I completed a 2 year Firefighter & First Responder prep course. The combination led me to develop a love for health & fitness. I developed a passion for understanding the human body and ways to improve overall functionality, leading me to begin my self-taught journey. I familiarized myself with various training methodologies, nutritional practices, and physical therapies. My sports background developed my leadership skills, ultimately allowing me the opportunity to manage a multi-million dollar hospitality company. Leadership, knowledge, and people skills have all played a role into my success. As your fitness trainer, I will make it my priority to not only assist you in reaching your fitness goals, I will also educate you about your body and most importantly create a fitness lifestyle. 



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